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Visual Studio 2010 Premium

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Visual Studio 2010 Premium

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN Subscription provides an integrated environment that simplifies application development with advanced tools ready to tackle the most difficult problems. Whether writing code, building databases, testing or debugging, you can increase individual and team productivity using powerful tools that work the way you work. Unleash your creativity with innovative design and development tools that let you bring your vision to life. Take control of your source code with sophisticated database tools to help ensure that your application and database stay in sync. Superior code analysis tools help you avoid creating bugs during development and advanced testing and debugging tools let you find and fix any bugs quickly and easily to help ensure scalable, high quality solutions.

Creativity Unleashed
Create what you can imagine with powerful editing and visual design tools. Visual Studio opens new possibilities for your applications by unlocking the power of the processor on your local machine and in the cloud.

Creativity Unleashed
Create what you can imagine with powerful editing and visual design tools. You'll spend more time turning your ideas into customer value and less time debugging thanks to advanced code analysis and debugging tools.

Simplicity Through Integration
Visual Studio 2010 Premium offers an integrated environment where developers use existing skills to model, code, debug, test, and deploy solutions.

Quality Code Ensured
Powerful tools for maintaining source code and finding and fixing bugs. You can automate user interface testing and use advanced debugging tools to ensure you are building the right application, the right way.

Top Ten Benefits
Database Development Made Easy

Apply the same life-cycle tools to your database code that you apply to your application code. This includes offline development of database schema, use of source code control to persist versioned database schema information and participation in Agile or other process methodologies and use of the associated work items.

Identify Test Impact from Code Changes
Test Impact Analysis provides a list of recommended tests to run after code changes are made. Developers know immediately which tests are impacted by a given code change and testers know exactly which tests to run to verify a given build.

Profile Application Performance
Measure the performance of your applications and locate performance bottlenecks in CPU utilization, Memory consumption, database interactions, Jscript/Ajax call patterns and concurrency synchronization. Use the performance profiler in conjunction with Load Testing to identify performance bottlenecks under stress and load.

Discover Common Coding Errors
Code Analysis is now simple to configure with customizable rule sets that can be targeted at specific scenarios or areas of emphasis. Enforce rule sets with the code analysis checkin policy to reduce common coding errors in application or database code before they get into production.

Automate User Interface Testing
Use Coded User Interface Tests to automate the testing of UI elements in your applications. Visual Studio 2010 automatically generates test code that can be executed manually or incorporated as part of your build process to automate UI regression testing.

Generate Realistic Test Data
Use data generation to fill a test database with data that is appropriate for the schema of the database but unrelated to the production data.

Test First Development Made Easy
Focus on your application logic while all the stub code necessary for your unit tests to compile is generated by Visual Studio.

Build Collaboration Solutions on Microsoft SharePoint
Get the latest in support for SharePoint development, including tooling for Web Parts, Lists, Workflows, Events and more, so you can bring great new customized collaboration tools to your company.

New WPF Based Editor Provides Rich Visualizations for Your Code
The rich visualization power of Windows Presentation Foundation in the new Visual Studio 2010 Premium editor makes it possible to overlay your own custom features on top of your code.

MSDN Subscription Included
MSDN Subscriptions are a convenient way to cost-effectively develop applications on the Microsoft platform with a simple licensing model and broad high quality information resources

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