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Adobe Speed Grade CC for Windows (Lifetime license)

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Adobe Speed Grade CC for Windows (Lifetime license)

Speedgrade CC is a professional color correction application. It has a streamlined interface and the GPU-based Lumetri Deep Color Engine, giving you speed and precision as you work.

Video editors and filmmakers count on Adobe SpeedGrade to give their work a cinematic look and craft a distinctive visual style for each project. Visual effects artists and motion graphics designers use Adobe SpeedGrade to refine shots, craft creative looks, and develop compelling original short-form content. Colorists and DI professionals rely on the 32-bit floating-point Lumetri Deep Color engine to provide exceptionally precise grading and virtually unlimited creative freedom for working with color.

Load projects from Adobe Premiere Pro for grading and finishing. SpeedGrade CC includes professionally designed look presets and film stock emulations to help you get going quickly. Full integration of the Lumetri Deep Color Engine in Adobe Premiere Pro, along with native Look file support in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, helps ensure visual consistency across your production pipeline.

With all-new SpeedGrade CC color grading software, you always have the latest version, because access to every future release is built right in. Sharpen your skills and master new tools with a rich library of training videos. And Creative Cloud is now integrated with Behance for real-time inspiration and a seamless way to share your work. Create more, share more, never stop learning.

With a completely redesigned interface that will look familiar to Adobe Premiere Pro users, SpeedGrade CC puts all your tools right where you need them. An updated grading panel incorporates more controls, and the new Media Browser and Look Manager provide fast access to shots and grades.

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