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Adobe GoLive CS2 for Windows

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Adobe GoLive CS2 for Windows

Adobe GoLive was a WYSIWYG HTML editor and web site management application from Adobe Systems. It replaced Adobe PageMill as Adobe's primary HTML editor and was itself discontinued in favour of Dreamweaver. The last version of GoLive that Adobe released was GoLive 9.

GoLive originated as the flagship product of a company named GoNet Communication, Inc. then based in Menlo Park, California and the development company GoNet Communications GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, in 1996. Later Gonet changed its name to GoLive Systems, Inc, and the name of its product to GoLive CyberStudio. Adobe acquired GoLive in 1999 and re-branded the GoLive CyberStudio product to what became Adobe GoLive. Adobe took over the Hamburg office as an Adobe development site to continue to develop the product.

The first versions of Dreamweaver and Cyberstudio were released in a similar timeframe. However, Dreamweaver eventually became the dominant WYSIWYG HTML editor in market share. After the Adobe acquisition of Macromedia (the company that had owned Dreamweaver), GoLive was progressively re-targeted toward Adobe's traditional design market, and the product became better integrated with Adobe's existing suite of design-oriented software products and less focused on the professional web development market.

The Adobe CS2 Premium suite contained GoLive CS2. With the release of Creative Suite 3, Adobe integrated Dreamweaver as a replacement for GoLive and released GoLive 9 as a standalone product.
In April 2008, Adobe announced that sales and development of GoLive had ceased in favor of Dreamweaver.


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