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Adobe Soundbooth CS5 for Mac OS X

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Adobe Soundbooth CS5 for Mac OS X

Create and edit audio with ease
Fast audio cleanup

Automatically detect and fix common flaws in audio recordings such as hisses, hums, buzzing, phase problems, crackling, and pops. Create special audio effects or add reverb to match on-location room ambience.

Visual healing tools to remove individual sounds
Visually edit your audio with frequency space editing workflows. See phase problems and background noises and fix them with standard graphics editing tools.

Multitrack support
Create your own soundtrack by combining multiple audio clips on multiple tracks. Combine with Soundbooth Scores and sound effects. Enhancements in Soundbooth CS5 include multitrack track resizing and multitrack default view.

Recording and mastering of audio clips
Record mono or stereo files. Use streamlined mastering tools to polish your file to clarify vocals, make your music sparkle, and give the whole soundtrack presence and punch.

Tight integration with other Adobe Creative Suite tools
Create and edit audio in Soundbooth, and then move it effortlessly to Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Flash Professional. Drive animation or create captions through ActionScript by exporting Soundbooth markers as XML or in FLV.

Nondestructive audio editing
The Adobe Sound Document format packages single or multiple tracks into a nondestructive ASND file that can be easily shared with Adobe Premiere Pro or Flash Professional software.

More ready-to-use audio assets
Select from over 130 royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and thousands of sound effects in Resource Central, and then drag and drop them directly into your project to customize, combine, or layer multiple scores and effects.

Speech Search
Convert spoken dialogue into searchable text transcripts to quickly find assets within Soundbooth. Export transcripts in XML for ActionScript language searchable video development. Use the new Custom Dictionary feature for improved accuracy.

Volume correction
Equalize volume levels within a specific file with a single click. Use the Match Volume task to quickly match the volume of multiple clips to one another or to a single reference volume level.

Loop creation tool
Increase your creative options by easily creating loops. Save time and create loops quickly and accurately with beat detection.

Top new features of Adobe Soundbooth CS5
Improved multitrack editing

High-impact visual media depend on effective use of sound and music, and Soundbooth CS5 makes it easy to place sonic elements precisely to create the perfect blend of dialogue, voice-over, music, and sound effects. With the improved workflow in multitrack edit mode, you can mix and edit multitrack projects faster and with more control. For example, you can resize the tracks in Multitrack View to view entire multitrack projects at once or to zoom in on specific tracks. Split, move, and copy audio clips more easily with enhanced clip editing; these improvements let you align sound clips to specific points in a scene, duplicate clips within a track, or move clips between different tracks.

Expanded library of royalty-free Soundbooth Scores and sound effects
Kick-start your soundtrack with a dramatically expanded selection of royalty-free content: Soundbooth CS5 now offers access to the enhanced Resource Central panel, where you'll find more than 10,000 sound effects and more than 130 customizable Soundbooth Scores. Scores are easily identified by genre in Resource Central, which you access from within Soundbooth; just click the Play button next to the title of each Soundbooth Score to hear a preview. Drag and drop sound effects or Soundbooth Scores from Resource Central into your multitrack project to customize, combine, and layer them. Soundbooth Scores include not just music, but ambience and environmental sounds as well. Combine scores and sound effects until your soundtrack sounds exactly the way you want, and it's ready to send back to Adobe Premiere Pro or Flash Professional for final export.

Soundbooth Scores: Flexible music and ambience for any production
Soundbooth Scores are extremely flexible and configurable. Professionally composed, each Score is a multipart instrumental performance or a mix of instrumental and ambient sounds. Each self-contained score has clearly marked sections such as intros, endings, and thematic variations. You can easily align start and end times of a score with the length of a scene simply by dragging the start and end points. Internal sections are automatically stretched or shortened to keep the integrity of the performance consistent. If you need to shorten a scene by a few seconds, just drag the end points to match the new length, and your soundtrack is automatically adjusted. Intuitive controls make it easy to configure a score to match changes in mood and intensity throughout a scene. By adjusting controls for intensity, atmosphere, and lead (an instrumental variation), you can change the complexity and mood of the performance to evoke just the right level of emotion for your scene. These controls can be adjusted overall in the Properties tab, and you can also set their levels on the score itself to coincide with hit points in the scene.

Sound effects: Much more than explosions
Crashes, explosions, and tire screeches are great to have in a sound effects library; they can save you a lot of expense, not to mention threats to life and limb. But a good sound effects library offers much more than bangs and booms. Among the 10,000+ sound effects available through Soundbooth in Resource Central*, you'll find sounds that can not only punctuate a scene, but set it entirely. A wide variety of sound effects is easily accessible in Resource Central, organized in clearly labeled categories such as Sports, Transportation, Household, Human Elements, Liquids/Water, Weather, and others.

As with Soundbooth Scores, it's easy to browse and preview sound effects in the enhanced Resource Central panel. Drag and drop the effects you like into one or more tracks. Zoom in and increase the track height to align the effect precisely with the scene. Adjust overall volume of the track using on-clip controls, or set keyframes that match volume to changes in scene intensity. Open an effect in Single-track Mode and apply effects to give the sound punch and clarity with compression and EQ, or to create a sense of space with reverb.

Among the huge number of sound effects, interactive designers will find many that are ideal for triggering rollovers, transitions, and other behaviors in FLV and SWF rich media.

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