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Adobe Fireworks CS3 for Mac OS X

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Adobe Fireworks CS3 for Mac OS X

Rapidly Prototype and Design for the Web
New Adobe Fireworks CS3 dramatically accelerates web prototyping and web image design. Enjoy timesaving enhancements, new prototyping tools, and impressive integration with Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, and Adobe Flex software.

New in Fireworks CS3
New Macintosh and Windows OS support

Design and develop on the platform of your choice. Adobe Fireworks CS3 is available for PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh computers as well as Windows XP and Windows Vista systems.

Efficient Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator integration
Import Photoshop (PSD) files while retaining hierarchical layers, layer effects, and blend modes. Save Fireworks (PNG) files back into Photoshop (PSD) format. Import Illustrator (AI) files while retaining graphic integrity, including layer, group, and color information.

Hierarchical layer organization
Organize and manage your prototypes with a new hierarchical layer structure, which is similar to the one in Adobe Photoshop, that enables you to easily organize web layers and pages.

Intelligent scaling
Intelligently scale buttons and graphic symbols (in vector or bitmap) with 9-slice scaling. Combine 9-slice scaling with the new Auto Shape library to accelerate website and application prototyping.

Multipage support
Use the new Pages panel to create multiple pages in a single document (PNG file), and share layers across multiple pages. Each page can contain its own slices, layers, frames, animations, and canvas settings, making it easy to simulate website flow in a prototype.

RIA layout prototyping
Prototype layouts for rich Internet applications in Fireworks, and then export them directly to Adobe Flex while retaining absolute positioning and styling.

Customizable assets
Jump-start your prototyping with a common library of frequently used graphic symbols, text symbols, and animations. Use the new Symbol Properties panel to customize symbol attributes.

Adobe Photoshop blend modes
Customize the appearance of your images with seven popular blend modes from Adobe Photoshop: dissolve, linear burn, linear dodge, vivid light, linear light, pin light, and hard mix.

Adobe Bridge integration
Enjoy a more efficient workflow with Adobe Bridge, which offers central access to project files and batch processing that can include multiple Adobe applications.

Streamlined Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash integration
Copy any object in Fireworks CS3 and paste it directly into Dreamweaver CS3. Create pop-up menus that can be saved as CSS and HTML. Export Fireworks (PNG) files directly to Flash CS3 while maintaining vectors, bitmaps, animations, and multistates, and then edit in Flash CS3.

Additional Features
Vector and bitmap editing

Create and edit vector and bitmap images, and import and edit native Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files.

Image optimization
Optimize graphics for virtually any delivery scenario with preview, cross-platform gamma preview, selective JPEG compression, and a wide range of export controls.

Filter effects
Apply lighting effects, shadow effects, styles, and blend modes, including seven new blend modes from Photoshop, to add depth and character to text and symbols.

Common library
Jump-start your prototyping with a common library of graphic symbols, text symbols, and animations frequently used in web applications, forms, interfaces, and websites.

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