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Alien Skin Blow Up 3

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Alien Skin Blow Up 3

Alien Skin Blow Up 3 is the latest update from Alien Skin to their Blow Up software. This program, which works as a plug in for programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, PhotoShop Elements, and Lightroom, enables you to enlarge your photos with much better results than just sending a small print to be printed at a large size. With intuitive controls and lots of options to customize your final image output, Blow Up 3 is a strong tool for making your photos large as life.

With Blow Up 3 you don't need to worry about how big you can print a photo or memorize the maximum image output for your camera's megapixel rating - just push a few buttons and get the size image you really want.

Blow Up 3 New Features

  • Improved Image Quality - Considerably smoother than bicubic sampling
  • Lightroom Support - Supports batch processing and does not require PhotoShop to use
  • Simplicity - Improved simplicity in the Blow Up 3 interface
  • Massive Image Size - Ability to enlarge images to 300,000 pixels per side, the maximum Photoshop "handles." (Personally, I wouldn't recommend letting    PhotoShop try that unless you can go on vacation while your computer works on the processing.)
  • CMYK - 16 bit/channel CMYK is supported with Blow Up 3
  • Presets - Standard paper sizes are already programmed in for easy selection (including US, European, and Japanese sizes)
  • Output Type Sharpening - When you chose your type of output, Blow Up 3 makes adjustments to sharpness to compensate for ink diffusion

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