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iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced

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iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced

Izotope’s do-everything mastering suite expands again, with a new Advanced version offering even more user control.

In Ozone 5 Advanced, the modules can be run within the main plug-in, as here showing the EQ, or as separate plug-ins, as shown in the other screen shots.

Ozone 5 Advanced is the latest incarnation of Izotope’s well-established mastering suite, and now comprises seven modules: Maximizer, Equalizer, Multi-band Dynamics, Multi-band Stereo Imaging, Meter Bridge, Multi-band Harmonic Exciter and Reverb. All are now available as separate component plug-ins, as well as within the master Ozone 5 plug-in, which combines access, routing and control for all the individual processing sections, and for the new Meter Bridge. The standard version of Ozone 5 has no Meter Bridge and no way to use the components separately, but otherwise offers most of the same functionality.

User-configurable meters provide additional display options showing spectrum, phase, vectorscope and level histograms, where you can, for example, see a history of compressor gain reduction scrolling by. Even the loudness meters have been upgraded to show levels according to BS 1770-2, EBU, K-System and True Peak standards, as well as RMS, with the various types available from within the Options section of the plug-in, along with other key settings and preferences. Module presets saved in earlier incarnations of Ozone will open in the separate component plug-ins of Ozone 5 Advanced, so there should be no backwards compatibility issues. The designers also claim to have improved the processing algorithms, including their analogue modelling and the new IRC III limiter used in the Maximizer section. The hybrid Reverb module has also benefited from an extensive makeover, with new room models added, while the Exciter can now emulate different types of analogue distortion based on tape, tubes and so on. Also on the upgrade list are new and easier-to-access presets, improved signal routing and additional controls. As the upgrade is so comprehensive

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