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iZotope RX2 Advanced 2.10

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iZotope RX2 Advanced 2.10

IZotope RX 2 is the most complete audio repair toolkit on the market, enabling you to remove noise, hiss, buzz and hum, eliminate clicks and crackle, restore clipped audio, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resynthesize missing audio and much more.

RX 2 Advanced extends the standard version of RX 2 with new, specialized tools designed for audio professionals.

Eliminate amp hum, equipment hiss and environmental noise from studio and live recordings. Fix mistakes like clipping, dropouts and cell phone rings.

Noise reduction for voice intelligibility and visual analysis in spectrogram for edit analysis, including the ability to export screenshots easily. With RX Advanced, export a log of all tasks performed.

Restore vinyl, tape and film. Enjoy exact control over each bit of processing. In RX Advanced, use Azimuth Alignment for tape restoration and export audio using the highest possible quality sample rate conversion and dither with IZotope 64-bit SRC and MBIT+.

Save time and money cleaning up clipped, damaged and noisy dialog. Remove unwanted environmental and equipment noise. In RX Advanced, use the Adaptive Denoiser mode for changing background noise or IZotope Radius for time correction.

Clean up and rescue location recordings and phone interviews from hum, environmental and equipment noise.

System Requirements:

  • Win (XP, x64, Vi, 7)
  • Standalone application
  • Plug-ins: Pro Tools 7+ (RTAS/AudioSuite/AAX), VST, MAS, Audio Unit, DirectX

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