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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Industry Pro with Update 1 (April 2014)

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Industry Pro with Update 1

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Professional with Update 1 on April 8, 2014. Full Retail Version. 
UNLIMITED activations on one PC! Full retail version. Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro is perfect for home and business users. The main differece from usual Windows 8.1 Professional is the additional applications and utilities.
FULLY 100% compatible with the previous OS Microsoft, Windows 8.1 Pro, desktop PCs, laptops and other equipment.
Differences between regular Windows 8.1 OS relate only to EXPANSION of functionality. They do not cut down any functions or OS capabilities.
Digital version includes 2 original ISO images (32 and 64 bit) and a product key for lifetime activation.


Advantages version Windows 8.1 Industry Professional compared to Windows 8.1 Pro:
- Ability to customize the background more flexible start menu
- Availability of the following components for professional PC settings, managing files and devices :
  * Application Launcher - allows you to run apps automatically with the system start and restart those apps. Keep the application open even if it failed.
  * Dialog Filter - an opportunity to control dialog boxes , configure actions for certain types of dialog boxes (for example close automatically alert the HDD )
  * Embedded Lockdown Manager - applet Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for integrated filters Windows 8.1 Industry Pro
  * Gesture Filter - blocks unwanted gestures
  * Keyboard Filter - suppresses unwanted pressing key combinations such as Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  * Shell Launcher - alternative and more advanced shell in Windows 8.1 Industry Pro
  * Toast Notification Filter - Popup notifications blocker.
  * Unified Write Filter - Filter write files to save the critical files unharmed
  * USB Filter - prevents unwanted USB devices connect to a PC.
- Elements of Windows Server 2012
  * Windows Identity Foundation 3.5
Windows 8.1 Embedded Edition Comparison


What's new in Update 1 from April 2014:

- Updated Internet Explorer to version 11.0.9
- Upload directly to desktop
- Choose applications by default
- Shutdown icon and search on the start screen
- Context menu on the start screen
- Window title in metro-style applications
- Mounting on the taskbar
- Link to classic control panel applet of modern computer settings
- Off button and the search button on the Start screen
- Sort apps by default in the list of all the programs of the Start screen
- Hidden Enterprise Mode (corporate mode) in Internet Explorer
- Display metro-applications in the taskbar
- MetroUI taskbar
Activation from any country of the world!

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